Thoughts and such -- Welcome :-)

There is no lack of nutrition information on the internet. Whether you crave recipes, articles, or reviews (basically everything this site also offers), within a few Google searches you will have every answer you seek.

Despite the convenience of finding this information, why are we still so fascinated, and perplexed, by food? I'll be honest...I don't have the answer to that.

Like you, I have my guesses. Perhaps it is the everlasting struggle of finding that delicate balance we call "eating in moderation." Why does a massive plate of pasta primavera makes us weak in the knees, yet we can pass by a bowl of lima beans without a second glance? How is it fair that from an anatomical standpoint, we are expected to go easy on the Italian goodness if we want to keep our health in check? When that plate is in front of us, moderation seems a little less likely (and cruel). However, the cold hard facts don't change, and we have seen the consequences of decadence all day every day.

What has been baffling me, and is essentially the reason for starting this website, is that regardless of the multiple television networks, magazines and blogs that discuss nutrition, fewer and fewer people are actually cooking.

In 2009, Michael Pollen submitted an article to The New York Times, entitled, "Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch." In it, he describes the American society going from a time when cooking seemed doable and relaxed (think Julia Child), to the current daunting atmospheres of "kitchen stadiums" and other highly competitive arenas.

Suddenly, cooking has transformed from something fun to intimidating. I grew up in a blue-collar Michigan city, therefore kale, chia seed and duck confit were not dinner staples. Due to a fear of crashing and burning, for a long time I turned to the grocery store isle and picked out my favorite colorful box. Heated it up. Then threw it on a plate. My career as a Registered Dietitian showed me that my old ways were still very much alive in society today. It soon became obvious that hot dogs, instant mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese were regularly invited dinner guests, and the fresh vegetables were the Cinderellas not chic enough to join.

So here's my point, let's all just chill out and branch out. I'm not saying don't ever eat these things. What I am saying, is stop and think for a second. Understand the impact nutrition has on your body. Redefine what you consider to be cooking. Rediscover your grandma's favorite nutritious vegetable, or try a new one that a foreign culture has made mainstream -- Just. Try. This website is a challenge for myself as well. An opportunity to be pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways.

Full disclosure - I'm still a terrible cook, and I'm a dietitian! But that doesn't stop me from trying. If 50% of my weekly meals are burnt, the way I see it the other 50% were bearable.

Enjoy, get some ideas, and have a little fun. I am not re-inventing the wheel and giving you new information, but rather trying a light-hearted perspective that once again gets those wheels turning.