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We all strive to live our best life, and nutrition is a large part of achieving that. In all actuality, food is a fundamental part, regardless of the quality of life you wish to emulate. In order to continue existing you cannot avoid eating on a regular basis. Early on in my own life, food's ontological value fascinated me. When it came time to pursue higher education, I set out to learn as much about it as I possibly could, and eventually earned the title of a Registered Dietitian. I dove head first into the taste, metabolism and long-term effects of the nourishments we choose. Honestly, there is a LOT of information out there, with more being revealed each day. Like everyone else, dietitians have to actively stay on top of the latest food trends and research. Taking the time to do this is my livelihood. This project is an attempt to clean up the information clutter for you, in a relaxed way. I want to "stuff" your mind with knowledge without being so "stuffy." Peruse at your leisure, and hopefully take little chicken nuggets of information with you as you work to achieve your own best life.


Gastronomy: No more excuses that you don't have time to cook, or that you don't know how. Frankly, I don't either, but I learned the basics. This section of the website will provide meal and snack ideas from an amateur's perspective.

Nutrition Articles: Researched information about all things food and nutrition related. Many of these articles have been shared on the American Nutrition and Dietetics' official Food and Nutrition website.

Restaurant Reviews: The Ann Arbor and Detroit food scene is on fire. I am highlighting some of my favorites. All reviews are focused on the culinary creations of the owners and chefs. Health is considered, but creativity and taste reign in this section.

Blog: Little tidbits of information that I have picked up a long the way and want to share. After educating others on the value of nutrition in my 9 to 5 job, it has become apparent that being healthy goes far beyond having knowledge. We all need to crack open our noggins and figure out why we do the things we do, or in this case, eat the things we eat.

Ask Away: I want your feedback! Please send your questions. I will use them to create new content for the website. 


My 5 SIMPLE PHILOSOPHIES for balancing good grub with good vibes

(enjoy your food while improving your wellness)

1. You are what you eat - a phrase repeated over and over...but really, you ARE what you EAT

2.  Food is energy - treat it as such! If you constantly feel tired after a meal, odds are you aren't eating enough of the right things

3. Go back to the basics - low-carb, low-fat, low-EVERYTHING. You've heard it all. Try to avoid the hype. Keep food fresh, simple, and understand that each person's body is different 

4. Know your habits  - learning about nutrition is one thing, PRACTICING what you learn is another. Know yourself. Pay attention to when and why you eat certain foods. Don't like what you see? Set small goals and tackle them one at a time

5. Relax, it's just food - food is important, yes, but obsessing over it doesn't help anyone. Want to have it all? Learn the intricate balance of enjoying foods that will heal and support your body,  while speckling in foods that should be enjoyed in moderation