Bored with the same old, same old for dinner? I am too, which is why I am challenging myself to rummage the grocery store isles to look for unique (and some classic) ingredients to make meals fun again.

Best part about this section of the website? If the recipe turns out awful, my money and time was wasted, not yours. On the flip side, you could discover you have a new favorite "go-to" dinner item.

The only rule I followed is that the recipe is SUPER SIMPLE. I'm a no-fuss type of person, especially when starved and ready to eat.

I use VERY few ingredients. My cupboard doesn't need another nugatory spice or additive that will go bad before I am able to find another purpose for it (fish paste, anyone?). You will not find foods shaped into your favorite holiday trinkets, but you will find something worth biting in to.


For snack ideas, keep scrolling...


Finding the perfect snack can be a daunting task. Sweet, savory, salty, many options restricted by such a small portion size. After you narrow down your hankering, you then have to factor in the nutrition level. There you are, standing in front of the vending machines and/or refrigerators. Calculations envied by mathematicians go on in your head as you try to figure out if the snack's caloric density will outweigh your entire lunch. Then, in a moment of weakness (also known as starvation), a decision is made. 


Do yourself a favor. Plan a head and stock your fridge and cupboards with some of these options. When crunch time comes, save your sanity and health all at the same time.


Work in Progress

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