Onion, Mushroom & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

In order to make this a speedy breakfast option, you may have to sauté the mushrooms and onion the night before, which is not hard at all. However, if you have 10 minutes, this will be your new go to breakfast of choice.

You will need: 1 whole grain bagel thin, 5 sliced mushrooms and a few slices of onion (really this is up to you, if you like onion, have at it), 1 egg, cooking spray, and salt & pepper.

1. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray, then place over low-medium heat on your stove top.

2. Add the chopped onion and mushroom slices. Stir around and cook until tender. Takes about 3 minutes, but I like them a little on the al dente side. I also add a pinch of salt and pepper. When done, remove from heat and place on a plate.

3. Clean off the pan, re-spray with cooking spray, then crack the egg. I cook mine over-medium. But this is totally your call. Flip when ready. During this time, place your bagel in the toaster (timing will be perfect).

4. Assemble! Place the egg on 1/2 the bagel, top with 'shrooms and onion, sprinkle with pepper or hot sauce if desired, and sandwich between the other bagel half. So good, but a little sloppy depending on how runny your egg turns out. If you are a big breakfast eater, grab a piece of fruit to go.