MD Bagel Fragel: What is a Fragel? Let's find out...

What is a Fragel? Well, if you are not originally from the Ann Arbor area, the name might as well be in a foreign language. However, to many local residents, the word alone makes mouths water.

As the saying goes, everything is better fried. Imagine raisin packed dough that is fried, then covered in cinnamon sugar. THAT is a Fragel. Essentially, it is a bagel, donut and cinnamon roll all brought together, and it has been satisfying sweet cravings in the Ann Arbor area for over 30 years all thanks to MD Bagel Fragel.

Michael Rockette, a manager and the “M” in MD Bagel Fragel, described how the treat earned its name, “The original owner had a contest to name it after trying something new, then it caught on quickly. The Fragel has been a staple at the store since then.” Until this day, it remains the top selling item.

The store began as the Bagel Factory, located downtown on South University, but as high rises and student housing began to develop the decision was made to relocate to north campus. The store itself has changed owners and names over the years, but it has continued to produce high quality items throughout the transition.

Of course, savory sandwiches are a specialty too. Michael points out his favorite to be the Hickory Bacon breakfast sandwich, “I eat that pretty much every morning. It’s eggs, cheese and bacon all cooked together on a buttery bagel.”

For the vegetarians in the area, they also various meatless options, including the Veggie Pesto that contains smoked mozzarella, mayo, presto, tomato and red onion. All in all, there are 8 breakfast bagels and eighteen lunch bagels to choose from. Prices are excellent; a Veggie breakfast sandwich costs $3.35 (and is much more filling than a sandwich you would pick up at a drive thru!).

The bagel that holds the sandwich together is of your choosing. From the hardy Everything bagel, to a sweeter Cherry Almond, and even a Spinach Feta bagel; Fragel Bagel has over 30 varieties of bagels to choose from. Like most customers, you will spend the first ten minutes deciding on the bagel flavor before even moving onto your sandwich choice (until you become a regular, of course, and develop your very own favorite combination).

Even the classic pairing of bagels and cream cheese isn’t so classic when you are faced with deciding between 20 different cream cheese flavors. If you really want to kick your sandwich up a notch try the Habanera cream cheese on the Jalapeno bagel…just be sure to order a drink to go with it!

Whether you are on your way to work or are lucky enough to have the morning free to relax and enjoy breakfast, MD Bagel Fragel is one place that will have you coming back again. The only caveat is you have to act fast! Although store hours typically run from 6am until 4pm, seven days a week, if they run out of bagels you run out of luck. Give this Ann Arbor favorite a try!


Telephone: 734-332-1020

Address: 1760 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Hours of Operation: 6am to 4pm, Seven days a week